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Good Deeds

April 26, 2016  •  6 Comments

Good Deeds

Lifestyle Photography by Deb McCarthy


We had a great time photographing Brooke while she did some "good deeds!"  She planted some flowers to beautify the neighborhood, swept up some litter (all us Southie peeps should be doing that on the reg), set up a lemonade stand and donated all the  proceeds to a local charity (of course)  and walked a few super-cute bulldogs for a neighbor who was not able to do it herself.  OK maybe she didn't really do all these things (they were all staged for our shoot) but she is definitely the kind of kid who would be willing to!  Thank you for being such a great model Brooke!  Thank you to my wonderful friend Kelly for being the hairstylist and photo assistant. 

All these images were made in the beautiful Thomas Park neighborhood of South Boston.  My favorites are the dog-walking photos at the top of Telegraph Street.  Please feel free to leave a comment - I'd love to hear from you! 



Erin cook(non-registered)
love this!! She is Beautiful!!!
This is so creative stylish in fabulous great work Deb as usual
I love looking at your work you are so fabulous at what you do
Allyson Dineen(non-registered)
I loved scrolling through these...wish there were more!! So full of light and sunshine!
Carolyn Coffey(non-registered)
Beautiful pics! Love this part of Southie- lived at 5 Thomas Pk for many years!!
cathy jerome(non-registered)
adorable all around - subject, good deeds, dogs, etc. Great photography!
Barbara Kelly(non-registered)
Amazing photos of the sweetest girl. Just so beautiful!
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