Deb McCarthy Photography | Deb McCarthy Photography chats with Hair and Make-Up Artist Tammi Mcevoy

Deb McCarthy Photography chats with Hair and Make-Up Artist Tammi Mcevoy

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I am thrilled to introduce my Local Business Spotlight this month - Tammi Mcevoy!  Tammi is a super talented (and quite stylish) Hair and Make-Up Artist

DMP: You are a Southie native.  Tell us what it was like growing up in Southie and what you like best about living there now?

TM: I love being a South Boston native.  I love people's reaction when they ask where I am from.  Southie has some very distinct characteristics and I take pride in the fact that I am a true Southie girl - I represent!  Growing up in Southie has shaped who I am and has helped me be able to adapt to many different situations.  I always felt a strong sense of community there as a kid and I still do today.  I couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else!  I decided to raise my son, James, in my hometown so he could have a similar upbringing.  Whenever I think of Southie - I think - there is no place like home.  One of my fondest memories as a kid was learning to french braid hair.  It was the day I would receive my First Holy Communion and a teenager who lived on my street french braided my hair on the front steps of her house.  I loved my french braids so much that I practiced all the time until I could do it on my own (I wanted to look like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz).  That experience is what began my love of hair. 

DMP: How did you become a Hair and Make-Up Artist?

TM: I attended Blaine Cosmetology School when I was nineteen years old.  I figured I'd have to work for the rest of my life so I may as well do what I love and what I am naturally good at.  When I was a teenager I always did my friends' hair in puffs, or a perm or I would tease their bangs and spray with Aquanet (remember that?).  I learned to apply make-up later in my career.  After working in local salons for eight years I ventured out and started working on professional photo shoots.  A fellow H/MU artist gave me a lesson.  I assisted on shoots for about a year before being booked as the primary Hair and Make-Up Artist.

TM: What was your first job?

DMP: I worked at a local salon called Maria's.  It was a great place to learn the tricks of the trade.  The hairdressers I worked with had been in the business for years.  Clients would come in for roller sets, teasing, updos and lots of hairspray!  Many of the women were weekly customers and expected their hairdos to last a full week and I had to make sure they did.  Maria's gave me a great foundation. 

DMP: What kind of assignments do you take?  You have representation but do you free-lance as well?

TM: You name it, I do it.  I am represented by Anchor Artists and they handle all my commercial work but I also do bridal beauty, funeral parlor beauty and home clients.  I am involved with an organization called Look Good...Feel Better and it is the work I am most passionate about.  I conduct workshops for women who are dealing with appearance related side-effects as a result of cancer treatments. 

DMP: Tell us about some of the glamorous photo shoots you have worked on?

TM: I have worked in some beautiful homes and gorgeous outdoor locations.  I provide hair and make-up services for print advertisement, magazines and catalogs.  I occasionally like to brag about working with Ben Affleck.  I did his hair and make-up for an interview with Diane Sawyer.  He was the first celebrity I worked with so I was a bit nervous.  A peer of mine gave me the best advice: "Just be yourself."  Being a Southie native helped me break the ice with him.  We chatted about Good Will Hunting which was filmed in South Boston.  He was so down to earth, by the end of the shoot it felt like he was a kid I grew up with!

DMP: You are quite the fashionista!  Tell us a little about your style and how you like to wear/do your own hair and make-up.

TM: I adapt my style to the occasion.  I like to dress the part and I am lucky I can be creative and have fun with my style and what I wear to work.  I will wear what speaks to me that day!  Although noo outfit is complete without great hair and make-up.  You can rock any style with confidence when your hair and make-up look fabulous!!

DMP: Could you share a make-up tip for a perfect photo ready look?

TM: Hire me for the day and I will let you in on a few tips - Just kidding!  Your base has to be strong - you must have a great concealer and foundation.  The rest of your make-up will tie right in.  Creating that perfect blank canvas is the key to a photo-ready make up appliacation.

Check Tammi out on Facebook and Instagram @tammimcevoy or give her a call: (617) 413-8011 to book your Hair and Make-Up Application.

Here Tammi is looking completely photo-ready! 

Hair and Make-Up: Tammi Mcevoy (of course)

Here are some shots from several shoots Tammi and I have worked on together!










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